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TrancEurope Psychedelic Party Series. Part 2 - Balaton meets Love Parade 2001-07-20  
Siofok, Siotour Beach Club (Beszedes setany)
Sekas (Scandinavian Trance Promotion, SWE), Plasma, Veela (Goaradio), Oleg
The chilly Chai-shop and Open-Air-Ambient-Lounge by KOLIBRI(Berlin,Solipse), Fluo Paintings and decoration by ArTrance Deko, Visual Arts and Projections by Lila-Space-Creation (Berlin)    
dj Sekas (2002-02-04 20:28:28)

Anyone got any pictures at all from this event?
If so, please mail me... Havnt seen anything from this event..

Love and light

dj sekas
teszt/torold (2001-07-15 17:13:12)

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